Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The All New 2015 Viking 52' Sport Tower

Like a Porsche, this sporty boat is Quick, Capable, and Timeless

By Matt Condon, Viking Specialist, Galati Yacht Sales 

Viking Yachts unveiled three new models last month, two of which were displayed at the VIP event held last month at Farley State Marina in Atlantic City – an awe inspiring 92’ Enclosed Bridge and a sporty new 52’ Sport Coupe with Tower. The 75’ Motoryacht was shown to dealers while still under construction at the Bass River factory located just up the road.  Undoubtedly, you will read many articles on the incredible new 92’ and 75’ MY as they are indeed milestones for the Viking Yacht Company now celebrating its 50th year of building yachts. But, it was the smallest of these yachts that caught my eye. After a rigorous sea test with customers, I found the 52’ Sport Coupe to be a truly amazing machine.

You tube video

First, let’s look at the stats. She’ll cruise efficiently at 34.5 knots and top out at 42 knots with the MAN V12 1,400hp ultra-smooth and smoke-free next generation engines. She carries 1,450 gallons of fuel with all tankage resulting in a range of over 400 nautical miles at cruise!!! Her massive 17’ 6” beam gives you an extremely roomy and stable fishing platform. And, here is a number you will not see on any other express boat:  6’ 3” engine room.  Yes, over 6 feet of standing heading room in the engine room! Simply amazing and kudos to the designer David Wilson and team of Viking engineers – these guys really know what fishermen want.

We tested hull No.1 featuring an innovative 3 / 2 layout down below. This format gives you 2 private bunk rooms for your fishing buddies, and a nice queen size island birth forward with private head as the master’s domain. An optional open floor plan 2 stateroom layout is offered as well.

The whole idea behind an express boat is it keeps everybody in the action on main helm deck. You can’t fight a fish from the flybridge, right? The express design is perfect for owner-operators as well as hands-on captains wanting to be in the heart of the action. The innovative new 52 Sport Coupe (referred to as the 52 Sport Tower when so equipped) features a stylized hardtop with frameless hard glass enclosure. This is critically important because it eliminates plastic enclosures which leak and wear out over time. At speeds in excess of 40 knots, the wind and salt water come at you ferociously. But everyone stays bone dry and relaxed with the new 52 Sport Coupe because the glass enclosed helm keeps you and your crew feeling refreshed and ready to battle the fish.

My sea trial story... It was a memorable sea test. On board with me are my customers and Viking lead engineer Bill Gibbons at the helm. He had the boat running a quick 37 knots down sea in a blustery 4’ – 6’ Atlantic Ocean chop on an overcast day. She ran like a finely tuned Porsche on a circuit; sure footed, forgiving, and under total command. But, I was worried. I knew we would have to turn back into these seas. I am thinking - at some point we will need to turn around into this stuff. This is not going to be good! Just then Bill announces that not only is he planning to maneuver the boat into the nasty sea but that he wants to do a complete 360 degree turn in the slop so we can feel how the sea effects the hull. Now, I am getting really worried.  I’m thinking; oh, heck (but I was using another four letter word in my head). This may be a 52 Viking, but that is the angry Atlantic. Am going to lose this sale for sure when we crash into these waves? Bill announces – “everyone ready, here we go”. To my shock, he holds the boat at a blistering speed as we begin to turn into the head sea. Wait…, wait…, wait… holding my breath…I am thinking the big bang is coming. Then, nothing. Still, nothing. No pounding. No shuttering. No slapping. As we complete the turn I finally take a breath of relief. I realize that we just experienced something special. Bill already knew this boat could eat up a head sea at speeds. He was like a proud parent showing off what he created. In a very calm and assuring voice he says; “She does ride nice, doesn’t she”. Nice? All I could think was OMG! We just did a full turn in 4’ – 6’ seas at 30+ knots without flinching! I would not have believed it had I not been aboard firsthand to experience it myself.  We then proceeded to blaze home into the big seas without any fuss whatsoever. All I can think is - Wow!

On the way back, the customers’ captain pulled me aside and said “Matt, I’ve been running boats my whole life all over the world and it has been a long, long time since I’ve been surprised or impressed on a boat. I’ve got to tell you, I am impressed”. I was impressed too. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Power Smoothie" - Viking's Next Generation 52 Convertible

"Power Smoothie"
The All New Viking Yachts 52 Convertible
More Muscle & Tighter Curves

by Matt Condon, Viking Specialist at Galati Yacht Sales

Viking Yachts’ Next Generation 2014 52’ Convertible showed her pedigree performance during the company’s annual gathering of dealers in Atlantic City. The public will have the opportunity to see her debut at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show in October, 2013.

My first impression is WOW, this boat is a big 52. The salon is more spacious and the overall foot print is wider. The 17 1/2' beam and convex hull shape comes into play nicely in the engine room where there is space between and around both engines - love it! The flybridge is over-sized and features Viking's latest center console helm with the added innovation of 2 molded in bucket seats forward for a secure ride for your loved ones. The salon is big but feels even bigger with the island galley aligned for and aft. Another feature which makes this 52 feel roomy to me is the spacious landing down the companionway. It is a great starting point to the staterooms and allows for ample working room for the standard washer and dryer. While down below check out the normally all-white shower stalls. This boat has solid surface inlays to match the vanity tops - now that is a classy lady! 

Let's talk about speed and smooth operation. I clocked this boat at 36 knots at 80% load. Fast, but smooth too. It is the smoothest running Viking I've ever tested with its all new smoke-free, Tier 3 compliant - MAN V12 1,400hp engines. Our demo boat had all the goodies including a first class electronics package from AME that included a combination of KEP screens, along with new touch-screen technology from Garmin. Finally, electronic screens that work like my IPhone! The Palm Beach tower is perfectly suited the vessel, as usual.

Her exterior styling is exquisite. All the new Viking models are more curvaceous than their predecessors but there is something special about this 52 Convertible. She is muscular and sleek at the same time - akin to a Big Cat hunched down ready to pounce on its prey. Powerful, graceful, and unmistakably capable!

My overall impression....
I'm blown away by Viking Yachts. This 52 is as close to the perfect Convertible Sport Fisherman that I've ever tested. The craftsman and engineers at Viking Yachts do an outstanding job of putting together a yacht conceived by the dream team of Pat Healey, Capt. Ryan Higgins, and designers Dave and Bruce Wilson. This new 52 has the power and curves I like. I want one!

Viking Yachts just released this e-brochure........

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Viking Yachts Story - PMY's Capt. Bill Pike inteviews Pat Healey

Power and Motoryacht's Capt. Bill Pike tells a great story about the history of Viking Yachts. Pat Healey, son and second generation leader talks about battles fought by his father. Readers get a sense of the mental toughness of a family committed to succeed.  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Viking Yachts Busy Line After Successful Miami Boat Show

Viking Yachts reports workers busy building boats after a successful Miami Boat Show. Show below is a 46 Convertible nearing completion. Shown below is a 42 Open getting its fiberglass windshield frame installed, and the engine room parts installation. Galati Yachts sold three 42 Opens during the Miami Boat Show.

Shown here is a 46 Convertible nearing completion, and another one just starting up.

Matt Condon, Viking Specialist at Galati Yacht Sales,, (850) 259-9900

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Simply Irresistible" - Viking's New 62

My first impression from the dock is – “Okay, here is another pretty face from Viking Yachts”. These guys have been introducing new models faster than a Milan fashion show runway. But this new girl is unlike the others. She is more shapely and curvaceous. Forget Paris Hilton, I’m talking real curves like those found on Raquel Welch or Jennifer Lopez. The Viking design team, led by Dave Wilson, set out to eliminate any straight lines with the 62 Convertible and succeeded in creating a sexy and seductive mistress of the high seas.  

But, does she run as good as she looks?

I’m here to tell you the Viking 62 is the real deal. She is a bona fide, certified, bad a** convertible. Perhaps more eloquent words could be used to describe her, but those are most fitting. Capt. Ryan Higgins, Viking’s tournament winning in-house captain took a group from Galati Yacht Sales out Palm Beach into 4 – 6 head seas. Before I knew it, we were smoothly advancing at a fast 38 knot cruising speed. Wow! With equal parts power and grace, she reminds me of the great thoroughbred Secretariat thundering down the stretch. More than fast enough to win, with even more to give if called upon.

This totally new design is packed full of innovations and thoughtful improvements. Besides good looks, she has a big salon with plenty of storage, a refined bridge with extra seating and ample elbow room, a cockpit longer than her siblings, and fuel efficient enough to travel more than 500 nautical miles at 30 knots in a single day. I am impressed!

Galley with Storage Galore

Yes, the salon is bigger but perhaps more importantly it feels bigger too. Let’s start with the island galley; it is aligned fore and aft instead of the usual peninsula design, which tends to divide the salon. There are 6 sub-zero under-counter drawers, and massive amounts of storage everywhere you look. There are no less than 15 storage shelves in the galley, 7 of which slide out on ball bearing sliders for super-easy access to all your goodies, and 8 drawers for cutlery and miscellaneous. Behind one of Viking’s high polished teak doors is a pull-out trash bin, and behind another is access to a cavernous storage space under the sink – perfect for those over-sized pots and pan. Also new on the 62 are 3 deep shelves cleverly hidden behind the mirrored back splash  and cabinets above the port side dinette.

The L-shape salon sofa extends from the dinette to the entryway with easy access storage underneath. Viking’s sofas are hinged at the top of the back rests “dewberry style” providing unfettered access to 40 sq. feet of storage – a perfect spot for rod storage and spare parts bins.

Presto Chango … the TV Appears

Press the power button on the universal remote supplied by Atlantic Marine Electronics and presto, up comes this super-sleek glass-panel Samsung LED TV behind the curved cabinetry on the starboard side. I’m starting to really like this boat!

The Layout

The 4 stateroom, 3 head configuration is perfect for the traveling family or sport fisherman on the tournament trail. The master is amidship and off to the starboard side, with an island queen forward in the VIP suite, the 3rd stateroom features over/under bunks forward, and the 4th stateroom is aft with side bunks – ideal for the crew with an en suite head.

The master stateroom is by far, the best I have ever seen on a Convertible under 70’. It features a large queen bed facing to port, with 2 huge hanging closets, each behind twin raised-panel teak doors. They give a rich, warm feeling to the place. Yes, that’s right a his and hers closet on a 62’ sports fisherman!

My only disappointment in the layout was no engine room access from inside the boat, and no in-salon day head like found in the 66. So call me spoiled!

Luxurious Accommodations

Bill Bales of William Bales and Company is responsible for the “WOW!” reaction most people have when they first step aboard the 62. He chose a sculpted carpet with a chevron pattern, to go along with parquet styled Amtico brand flooring in the galley and heads. The thing that really grabs your attention is the wood work on the cabin doors, which are done in raised panel teak, finished in high gloss, and feature an archway top. All the gloss teak throughout the boat is spectacular with varying degrees of contrast in the grain. It is ultra-rich looking. Also, the counter tops in the galley counter and the vanities are certainly unusual. They are granite richly textured “leather-finished” that has the look and feel of colored slate.

Other nice touches include teak trim headliners in the staterooms that serve as A/C diffusers,  ostrich wall coverings with 1” teak strips at the seams, and highly textured wall coverings in the heads.

Command Deck

The flybridge layout is simply perfect. Perhaps in 10 years someone will show me a better design and laugh how I gushed over this 62. Until then, this is it. The configuration centers around Viking’s now famous island-style center console command station, loaded with state-of-the-art glass panel navigation equipment. Capt. Kirk aboard the star ship Enterprise never had it so good. There are three  sumptuous Release Marine Trillion series helm chairs suitable for the Captain, the Admiral, and Thor himself. Along the sides are 2 long bench seats, each with an aft backrest, and a comfortable seat forward smartly integrated in the center console.  

If you ever get the chance to stand at this helm, take a good look around, tell your friends to give you a minute, and then close your eyes and dream of running down that giant marlin. Its okay, we’ll understand. Men dream these things.

Command Performance

Our test boat was outfitted with a pair of 1,925 hp Cat C32A’s. We saw a top speed of 42 knots, with 20 people aboard and 75% fuel load. These Cats can growl! But, when it is time to purr along, remarkably, she’ll run efficiently at 30 knots burning about 100 gallons per hour at only 1,700 RPMs. This gives you a comfortable 18 hour cruising range, over 500 nautical miles. To put that in perspective, you can travel non-stop in a single day from Destin, Florida to Isla Mujeres, Mexico or from Wilmington, North Carolina direct to Palm Beach, Florida or from Nassau direct to Dominican Republic. The Viking gods have blessed you!

Action Central Cockpit

Whatever type of boating you do, the cockpit is the place to be. Tournament fishing, family cruising, or socializing at the dock, the 62’s cockpit is ideally configured for all. It is noticeably larger than most – a foot longer than the 70, with a large transom box and a very comfortable aft facing mezzanine seat. Also large is the vacant area under the cockpit sole known as the lazarette. It is big enough to carry one of those $200,000 Seakeeper anti-roll gyros, should you opt for total comfort at sea. Carmine Galati of Galati Yacht Sales says “Absolutely, it is well worth it considering the fact that your wife and guests will enjoy the boat as much as you.” 

Beauty and the Beasts Within

The engine room is bigger than you will expect. Remember crawling into an older Viking jam packed with horsepower and wondering if anyone will ever work in there? Not any more. The 62 Convertible offers 6’ of headroom, and easy access outboard of the engines. Wow! I’m 6’3” so I need to duck a little, but it is truly an amazing amount of space for a low profile boat with big Cat engines. Viking creates this height by eliminating the sub floor between the engines. She is wide, and it shows in the engine room where substantially more space exists outboard the engines too.

Viking paints all the thru-hulls, strainers, and various mounting brackets white - even the Craftsman tool chest is painted white. The Cat C32 engines are shiny white, with chrome valve covers, and white cat filters. Ransome Cat dressed these engines to look as good as they run. Nicely done!

The engine room is smartly laid out. The two generators are mounted aft on top of the massive stringers and just below the overhead electrical boxes – tucked completely out of the way, yet fully serviceable. The pumps and centralized sea water plumbing are tucked inside compartments forward of the engines. I also like how they have cleverly put the main engine water intake under a hatch as well.

My only gripe is the oil change pump is located in the walkway between the engines, slightly in your way for something only used every couple hundred hours.

Innovations Sell Boats

Like every model that precedes her, Viking continues to innovate. Their mantra of “build a better boat every day” should also include “never stop innovating”. The 62 hull design benefits from many Viking speed tricks that now include a recessed engine water intake, to go along with the recessed and glassed over strut and rudder mounts. Her hull is perfectly smooth. Like any new baby, a clean bottom is preferred.


My final take on Viking’s new 62 is one of pride to see this amazing boat built in America by a company that continues to improve on what is already considered the best money can buy. This boat is a benchmark for Viking Yachts, a company who refuse to rest on its past successes. She is faster, bigger, more luxurious, more comfortable, and more efficient.  More of everything you want in a Convertible. I find her simply irresistible!

By Matt Condon
(850) 259-9900
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The New 62 Viking - First Photos Released

I just spent the day aboard Viking's newest yacht - the 62 Convertible. My impression? Wow!

This amazing new yacht is a totally fresh design from top to bottom. She is a sexy and curvaceous head-turner. There are lines and shapes that just get men's attention - you know, like those of Raquel Welch or Jennifer Lopez, depending on your generation. Viking tried to eliminate any straight lines with the 62 Convertible and succeed in creating a truly seductive mistress. She is good looking, but is there any substance beyond all that glitz and glamour?

I'm here to declare that the Viking 62 is a Bona Fide, Certified, Matt approved, Bad A** Convertible!

Really, this girl has the goods - consider these highlights;

* Fast - 43 knots with a pair of 1,925hp Cat C32As
* Efficient - 30 knots with a range over 500 nautical miles
* 4 staterooms - including a Master with His and Her Walk-in (almost) closets
* Huge Cockpit - 1 foot longer than the 70 Viking!
* Massive Galley - Island design with bar stools, 6 Subzero drawers, massive storage,
* Killer Engine Room - wide, tall (almost stand up at 6'), and smartly designed.
* Over-sized Flybridge - Island helm, 3 helm chairs, 2 settees, and forward seating - with plenty of room.

Full report to come in the next few days....

To see all the pictures, go to my website -

Matt Condon, Viking Specialist at Galati Yacht Sales,, (850) 259-9900,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 92 Viking Yacht

Not so long ago, many experienced tournament skippers and anglers felt a boat over 70 feet was on the cusp of being too large to effectively compete on the tournament trail. But the Viking 74 Convertible launched in May 2004 proved differently. Fast forward to the fall 2008 when the launch of our 82 Convertible continued the upward trend demonstrating beyond any doubt that Viking hit another grand slam with its then new flagship. Now we approach the threshold of another amazing achievement, the Viking 92 Convertible, as we continue to lead the industry with new product and unrivaled innovation. Scheduled for a spring launch in 2014, the Viking 92 Convertible will be available in Open Bridge and Enclosed Bridge configurations.

This new boat has a stunning profile in either version with several motor yacht cues including dual mezzanine decks; one in the cockpit and the second on the main level after deck. The latter mezzanine offers both rear facing lounge seating, along with a second seating area and a table for al fresco dining. An outside galley and grilling area are included for added convenience and ambiance.

6 Staterooms, 6 Heads!

The yacht’s interior is a showpiece of elegance and luxury. The 23-foot beam not only opens the salon but transforms it into a majestic living room with built-in furniture and plush appointments like a 60-inch flat screen television that rises on a lift out of the teak cabinetry. An L-shape island in the galley complements the work area and all countertops feature custom selected granite. A pair of walk-in pantries and a full day head are forward and characterize an excellent use of space. Nearby, a formal dining area accommodates eight guests.

The 92 Convertible has six staterooms, each with its own private head and shower. The full beam master suite features a king size walk around bed, a walk-in closet, a dressing table, and his and her private facilities. Crew quarters are aft with access from the cockpit. The full beam area includes a head with a shower, a small galley area, and upper and lower berths in a private cabin.

Propulsion choices include offerings by Caterpillar and MTU. The communication, navigation and entertainment electronic package will be designed and installed by Viking sister company, Atlantic Marine Electronics. The first Open Bridge boat will have a tuna tower designed and fabricated by Palm Beach Towers, another Viking subsidiary. Selecting our subsidiaries for standard and optional accessories allows us to deliver the 92 Convertible turn key ready.

Contact Matt Condon, Viking Specialist at Galati Yacht Sales, (850) 259-9900 or

Viking 92 Convertible
Preliminary Specifications

LOA                                       93 ft. 4 in.      28.45 m

LOA/w pulpit                         97 ft 4 in.       29.67 m

Beam                                      23 ft. 5 in.       7.03 m

Displacement (est)             195,000 lbs.         88,450  kg

Draft                                        5 ft. 10 in.       1.77 m

Fuel                                         4,000 gals.       15,141 l

Water                                          450 gals.      1,703 l